Analog Circuit Design: Discrete & Integrated by Sergio Franco

By Sergio Franco

This textbook is meant for EE majors envisioning commercial careers in analog electronics. Analog integrated-circuit (IC) designers, product, strategy, and reliability engineers, attempt and test-development engineers, analog purposes, advertising, and customer-support engineers are continuously in robust call for.

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Also, since in our case NA @ ND, we can approximate NANDy(NA 1 ND) ù ND 5 1016 cm23. Then, Eq. 04 3 10212 √ and Eq. 602 3 10−19 1016 √ ( ) Similarly, Eq. 323 ␮m, confirming that the SCL extends almost entirely into the more lightly doped side, which in our example is the n side. Finally, since the junction area is A 5 (100 3 1024 cm)2 5 1024 cm2, Eq. 23 pC. 43) Hence, verify that ␾(0) 5 0 only in the case of symmetrically doped junctions (ND 5 NA). Otherwise, ␾(0) . 0 for ND . NA, and ␾(0) , 0 for ND , NA (as in the case of Fig.

The illustration refers to the case v1 . ) The above configurations show up so often, either on their own or as subcircuits of more complex systems, that we shall apply Eqs. 13) quite frequently. Our First Diode/Op-Amp Circuit Having reviewed op amp basics, we are now ready to investigate our first diode/opamp circuit, shown in Fig. 31a. Where do we begin? As a rule, start out using simple inspection to see if you can identify already familiar subcircuits, and then build up your understanding from there, one step at a time.

We observe that outside the SCL the profile of ␾ is flat because E 5 0 there. The potentials there are denoted as ␾p and ␾n, respectively. We now wish to find expressions for ␾p and ␾n, as well as for the built-in equilibrium potential ␾0, defined as ␾0 5 ␾n 2 ␾p This potential acts as a barrier preventing holes and electrons from diffusing further, and is the result of the charge redistribution taking place automatically at either side of the metallurgical junction when we create it. Solving for E(x) in Eq.

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