Air quality management: considerations for developing by Lakdasa Wijetilleke, Suhashini A. R. Karunaratne, Suhashini

By Lakdasa Wijetilleke, Suhashini A. R. Karunaratne, Suhashini Karunaratne (A. R.)

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Improving Road Infrastructure. Urban roads everywhere are often so congested that traffic slows to a crawl and exacerbates air pollution. Yet improving the roads in developing countries is often difficult because their metropolitan areas have evolved in ways that hamper road construction. Even if technically feasible, such improvements are often costly both in terms of capital requirements and implementation time. Where possible, however, this option is preferable to any other capital-intensive option.

All rights reserved Manufactured in the United States of America First printing April 1995 Technical Papers are published to communicate the results of the Bank's work to the development community with the least possible delay. The typescript of this paper therefore has not been prepared in accordance with the procedures appropriate to formal printed texts, and the World Bank accepts no responsibility for errors. Some sources cited in this paper may be informal documents that are not readily available.

5° C in this period. Global temperature changes of 1° to 2° C have typically taken 1,000 to 10,000 years, and a rise of 5° C was responsible for bringing the Earth out of the last ice age. Drastic changes in the global temperature could cause a shift in climatic zones, changes in patterns of rainfall, more extreme weather conditions, and a rise in the sea level that could seriously affect life in many countries. If global warming continues unchecked, melting of the polar ice caps could raise the ocean level 5 to 6 meters by the end of the 21st century, flooding low-lying coastal areas all over the world (Environmental Update 1990).

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