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A mechanical room or on a roof) and then distribute it through ductwork to the occupied spaces. The centralized approach has the advantage of distancing the mechanical equipment from the occupants, thereby reducing sound issues. Locating the equipment remotely also allows service to be performed without interfering with the occupants. Central systems generally allow airside economizers to be integrated into the design. The economizers allow the equipment to supply the high amounts of outdoor air needed in school designs.

Simply relocating the school to Phoenix or Miami would change the order. This is a large school. A smaller school would favor different HVAC systems. Systems 1 through 4 compare different terminal air systems using the same 2 chiller primary/secondary chilled water plant. These systems are penalized because of supply and return fan work. This shows up both in the power to operate the fans and the additional cooling required to remove the fan heat. Systems 4 through 6 compare the same terminal air system (VAV with reheat) with different primary supply air sources.

Vertical self-contained units provide a self-contained solution with the equipment located indoors. No chiller plant is required and the equipment is easily accessed for service without disrupting the students. Property sound issues are avoided for the most part with the exception that the cooling tower should be reviewed. Vertical self-contained units do require mechanical rooms. Because they are compressorized, they can create sound issues around the mechanical room. The McQuay application Guide AG31-001, Achieving a Quiet Environment with McQuay Indoor Vertical SelfContained Systems can assist the designer in resolving any sound issues.

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