Advanced PIC microcontroller projects in C: from USB to by Dogan Ibrahim

By Dogan Ibrahim

На примере микроконтроллера PIC18F452/PIC18F4550/PIC18F258 и компилятора mikroC/CCSОсновные затрагиваемые темы:1) SD-карта
2) USB (на примере PIC18F4550)
3) CAN (на примере PIC18F258)
4) RTOS (общие представления, простейшая примитивная ОСь на CCS)Надо сказать, не очень "глубокая" книга. С другой стороны, не перегружена теорией и левым флудом. Вначале идет краткое описание модулей PICа. В середине и конце - практика, работа с IDE, схемы, собственно код...P.S. слово ZIGBEE, увиденное на обложке, в книге не ищите - это рекламный трюк издательства.Аннотация на английском языке:

This e-book is perfect for the engineer, technician, hobbyist and scholar who've wisdom of the fundamental ideas of PIC microcontrollers and wish to strengthen extra complex purposes utilizing the 18F series.
The structure of the PIC 18FXXX sequence in addition to common oscillator, reset, reminiscence, and input-output circuits is totally distinct. After giving an advent to programming in C, the publication describes the undertaking improvement cycle in complete, giving info of the method of modifying, compilation, blunders dealing with, programming and using particular improvement instruments. the majority of the e-book offers complete info of attempted and confirmed hands-on initiatives, similar to the 12C BUS, USB BUS, CAN BUS, SPI BUS and real-time working systems.* a transparent creation to the PIC 18FXXX microcontroller's architecture
* 20 initiatives, together with constructing instant and sensor community functions, utilizing I2C BUS, USB BUS, CAN BUS and the SPI BUS, which offer the block and circuit diagram, application description in PDL, application directory and application description.
* various examples of utilizing developmental instruments: simulators, in-circuit debuggers (especially ICD2) and emulators

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