Advanced Light Source [activity rpt 1997-1998]

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Newton's Optical Writings: A Guided Study (Masterworks of Discovery)

Isaac Newton’s vintage writings on gentle and optics are the guts of this quantity within the sequence, Masterworks of Discovery: Guided experiences of significant Texts in technology. The leading edge sequence is geared toward making the good works of clinical discovery obtainable to scholars and lay readers.  for every quantity, amazing historians of technology have rigorously chosen unique texts (or extracts) and followed them with interpretive statement, explanatory notes, and bio-bibliographical fabric.

Electron Microscopy in Heterogeneous Catalysis

Catalysis is without doubt one of the most crucial applied sciences within the business global, controlling greater than ninety% of business chemical methods and crucial for large-scale creation of plastics and gasoline. Exploring the most typical form of catalysis utilized in undefined, Electron Microscopy in Heterogeneous Catalysis presents a coherent account of heterogeneous catalytic tactics and catalyst floor constitution on the atomic scale as elucidated via electron microscopy innovations.

Femtosecond optical frequency comb : principle, operation, and applications

During the last few years, there was a convergence among the fields of ultrafast technological know-how, nonlinear optics, optical frequency metrology, and precision laser spectroscopy. those fields were constructing principally independently because the delivery of the laser, achieving extraordinary degrees of functionality.

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The solution chemical conditions examined in this study are relevant to those found in nature The macromolecular structures ofhumic sub- (marine, fluvial, and soil). 2. 01–2 M NaCl, ural systems. 03–17 ate the influence of soil mineral surface chemistry on g/L as carbon), and completing cations (1 mM the mineral-sorbed organic molecules. -,-.. - . .. . ,. Science Highlights 29 and Earth Sciences ,. - __=. _—T-... =—— . —,. - . _. Figure a b c d I The macromolecular structures of humic substances were affected by solution pH, ionic strength (type and concentration of electrolyte), and the type (fluvial or soil) and concentration of the humic sub- stances.

B 30, L727 (1997). 0. , “Photoelectron spectroscopy superimposed neon photoemission spectra taken with the “magic-angle” other analyzers, not (black). , “Beyond the dipole approxi- mation: Angular-distribution effects in valence Time of Flight (ns) the scaled to each other by using neon KLLAuger lines. The intensity differences between 42 O. Hemmers, I? L. Hansen, H. Wang, and the dipole approximation, ” Synchz Rad. News 9 (6),40 (1996) and erratum 10 (3), 21 (1997). 0. , “High-resolution electron- the 2s and 2p photoemission peaks are due to nondipole time-of-flight apparatus for the soft-x-ray region,” effects.

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