Abdominal X-Rays Made Easy 1st ed by James D. Begg

By James D. Begg

Written in an available kind, this source simplifies this complicated topic. scholars will learn how to interpret photographs adequately and make diagnoses appropriately. Its pocket dimension make it an awesome spouse in the course of a radiology rotation.

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Lin abdominal X-ray to, MI normally attempted . Asecondary effect uf shrinkage tlf the liver, however, may be that a loop of rolon - or. It...... frequt·ntly. small bowl'! - may slip above it and become visible directlv beneath the right ht'midiaphraf;TTl Isee Colonic intt'f'JXlSititm. Fig. 5). isc normal individual, It is also more likdy to be seen in patit'nls with large thoracic outlets (COPD). hed the ViSCt'J"d aside 10gel at something else. : • • • • Alcohol Hefldtihs Drugs Obstruction. 37 Small liver conlinued Coexisting enla rg emen t of the s pleen m,ly occ ur, with associated po rtal hypertension.

In the appropria te clinical seumg hwight loss, anaemia. l . e. ileus) or truly mechanical obstruction. The main problem lies initially in trying to differentiate sma ll bowel frnrn large bowel. Once the sma ll bowl'! starts to dilate the sma ll irrt>gular pockets of g,h that may be seen nor mally increase ,1IId coalesce, so that eventually the interior of the distended loops becomes com pletely outlined in continuity where the lumen is not occu pied by fluid and com plete mucosal folds appt'ar.

58 Distended sma ll bowe l conh"ued DiSlended loops of small bowel Stomach Fig. 3 - Thisis the supine abdominal radiograph 0/ a patient presenting w ith abdominal pain, distension, nausea and vomiting_Note absence 0/ fluidlevels. -J GoslJic flu id level I Small bowel fluid level Fig. 4 _ This is thesome patient in the erect position. Nore new thepresence of fluid levels. 60 Diste nded small bowe l eOll,illu«l Thi~ (HI-':. 4) is tht' d,lssic appt'Mance of a sma ll bowel obstruction. l11 bowel obstruction.

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