A Wind Turbine Recipe Book The Axial Flux Windmill Plans Jan by Hugh Piggott

By Hugh Piggott

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Uk , • BASE A WINO TURBINE RECIPE BOOK· THE AXIAL FLUX ALTERNATOR WINDMILL PLANS- 1>',&c 40 In ti,e middle thc coils are cast in resin. '\sting are contained by a third, middle piece of p1)~,'OOd called the 'surround'. The hole in Lhc middlc of thc stator is formed by a piece called the 'island'. See slator shapes on pages 64 and 65· Cut oulthree square pieces of plywood, with side length A (nominal sizes - sce table below). The middle piece can be lbe same U,ickness as a coil. It could bc a little thinner, but never thicker because you need to be ablc to squeeze the stator thickness during the casting.

Separate the lid from the surround and cut out the exit notch. 8 No. disk The magnet rotor is cast in resin for two reasons. One is to restrain the magnets from flying off the rotor iD the event that the turbine overspeeds. To improve the strength of the resin casting I like to place a layer of thin fibreglass cloth on top of the magnets. The casting also protects Ihe magnets from damage. NdFeB (neo) magnets are very vulnerable to degradation by corrosion, so it is important that the coating is not damaged.

J like to make them a little longer still just for luck. they run true with the correct gap to fit the slator. Use a stack of nuts on each stud to build a spacer. / In such cases you will need to tighten the stud onto the nut when you fit the fit"51 magnet rotor. The nul itself cannot be turned and lightened later.

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