A review of the laelapid mites associated with terrestrial by Mašán, Peter, Fenďa, Peter

By Mašán, Peter, Fenďa, Peter

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Brown 2004); El Cesar, Colonia Agr´ıcola de Caracolicito (USNM 280909). VENEZUELA: Distrito Federal, Caracas (Pohle 1927). Southern distribution. BRAZIL: Mato Grosso, Chapada (Cope 1889a); Distrito Federal, Parque Nacional de Bras´ılia (Alho, Pereira, and Paula 1987); Minas Gerais, Ribeirao ˜ Pedra (Kuhlhorn ¨ 1953); Esp´ırito Santo, Santa Teresa (Ruschi 1965); Rio de Janeiro, Therezopolis (type locality of Chironectes menima bresslaui Pohle); Sao ˜ Paulo, Ipanema (Pelzeln 1883); Sao ˜ Paulo, Rocha (B.

Patton, Silva, and Malcolm 2000); Santa Catarina, Ilha de Santa Catarina (Graipel, Cherem, and Ximenez 2001); Rio Grande do Sul, Mundo Novo (type locality of Didelphis koseritzi Ihering); Rio Grande do Sul, Sao ˜ Joao ˜ do Monte Negro (Cope 1889a). ARGENTINA: Misiones, Jct. Hwy 21 and Order Didelphimorphia: Family Didelphidae 21 Map 7 Marginal localities for Didelphis aurita and Didelphis marsupialis ▲ Arroyo Oveja Negra (Mares and Braun 2000); Misiones, Reserva Natural Estricta San Antonio (Heinonen-Fortabat and Chebez 1997).

Aurita Wied-Neuwied, 1826:395; type locality “Villa Vic¸osa an Flusse Peruhype,” Bahia, Brazil; also ´ see Avila-Pires (1965) concerning the type locality. Didelphys azarae: J. A. Wagner, 1843b:38; name combination. Didelphys cancrivora: J. A. Wagner, 1843b:41; not D. cancrivora Gmelin, 1788. Gamba aurita, var. brasiliensis Liais, 1872:329; part; no locality mentioned; implied type locality is Brazil. Didelphys marsupialis aurita: Cope, 1889a:129; name combination. Didelphis koseritzi Ihering, 1892:99; specimens credited to Sr.

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