A New Model for Analyzing Antimicrobial Peptides With by E.L. Cooper, A. Beschin, M. Bilej (editors)

By E.L. Cooper, A. Beschin, M. Bilej (editors)

This quantity first provides proof for the earthworm's immune process; the consequences strongly recommend that yes molecules of the earthworm's immune method might be exploited as common antibiotics - therefore the biomedical purposes. Earthworms have a powerful immune process considering that melanoma can't be prompted in them, nor does it appear to take place in average populations. Cytoxicity of melanoma cells has been tested with regards to earthworm leukocytes dependent upon: constitution; cellphone differentiation antigens; and serve as published by means of FACS and mAbs.

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1986, pp. 139-150]. L. Cooper / The Earthworm: A New Model 19 first and second days but decreased and normalized by day 17. Because fibrinolytic activities increased, these results suggest that earthworm powder represents a possible oral thrombolytic agent. This earthworm enzyme may be applicable for treating patients with thalassemia. As an attempt to discover possible therapeutic effects previously ascribed to historically recorded traditions, the groups of Mihara et al. and Nakajima et al. [65-68] have obtained strong fibrinolytic enzymes in saline extracts of the earthworm, Lumbricus rubellus.

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