A Grammatical Sketch of Classical Armenian by Ranko Matasovic

By Ranko Matasovic

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Vahagn's Birth" This poem from the pre-Christian period is preserved in Mowsēs Kcorenacci's "Armenian History". It was reportedly recited by travelling bards (Arm. ergičc). The hero Vahagn is none other than the pagan Indo-Aryan thunder god, Skt. Vrtra-han"Vrtra-slayer". This text is taken from Schmitt's handbook (1981) together with the glosses. Erknēr erkin, erknēr erkir erknēr ew covn cirani; erkn i covun unēr ew zkarmrikn ełegnik; ǝnd ełegan pcoł cux elanēr, ǝnd ełegan pcoł bocc elanēr; ew i boccoyn vazēr xarteaš patanekik na hur her unēr, bocc unēr mōrus, ew ačckunkcn ein aregakunkc.

Puhvel, UC Press, Berkeley and LA 1966: 201-212. [Type text] Page 35 October 31, 2009 [MATASOVIĆ, ARMENIAN] APPENDIX1 : MAP OF ANCIENT ARMENIA [Type text] Page 36 October 31, 2009 [MATASOVIĆ, ARMENIAN] APPENDIX 2: LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS A) Languages Alb. = Albanian Arm. = Armenian G = Greek Goth. = Gothic Hitt. = Hittite Hom. = Homeric L = Latin Lith. = Lithuanian Myc. = Mycenaean OCS = Old Church Slavic OE = Old English OHG = Old High German OIc. = Old Icelandic OIr. = Old Irish ON = Old Nordic Parth.

Parthian PIE = Proto-Indo-European Skt. = Sanskrit W = Welsh B) Grammatical terms Abl. = Ablative Acc. = Accusative Aor. = Aorist D = Dative [Type text] Page 37 October 31, 2009 [MATASOVIĆ, ARMENIAN] Gen. = Genitive Inst. = Instrumental Loc. = Locative Nom. = Nominative part. = participle Pres.

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