A Compendious Syriac Dictionary by J. Payne Smith, Jessie Payne Smith

By J. Payne Smith, Jessie Payne Smith

During this significant reference software, Jessie Payne Smith has abridged the nice two-volume paintings, 'Thesaurus Syriacus,' through her overdue father. yet her job was once to not easily edit down the sooner, immense tomes. She additionally supplied English translations for every access and extra notations. Her father's dictionary had translated each one Syriac notice into Latin. The Latin translations made it extra the world over available; yet with the decline of using Latin, it diminished in usefulness. Her labors have insured that it maintains to profit students and scholars of Syriac.

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UICpl{JflJP, adj. dyed red. bl: J~l: E-Syr. J~? pI. :. f. a) O''Tr£'ipa, a company of soldiers, a cohort, band, company. b) ucpaipa, anything of a round shape, e. g. a round cake; a sphere, globe, circle, ball; hence imper. act. part. IDr, J~r, pass. part. :w::> with ropes, J~:> in chains, ~;,a; to the neck; to yoke oxen; with J~ to form a bridge by lashing boats together. b) to bind prisoner, take into bondage, keep. :; ~r to bind their loins with a girdle; ~r metaph. to submit, be ready to obey; to bandage a wound.

I rt. , verb only used in Heb. Hithpoal and in Ohald. Ithpael; root-meaning to make firrn, support, found, hence is derived ~l: J~r pI. J~rf. rt. 4. s? ,~r the bottom of the pit; ~! ot~rtlte depth of the sea; H~, J~r foundations of the walls, Is. xvi. 7. ~l: J~r pt Jro~r from a Heb. and Chald. word for fire, f. fever; ~~ ~r quotidian fever; ~a: ~;~ J;", J~r quartan fever; metaph. Jr~, J41 the fever of scltisrn. J~r-~, J~ sw; with? the sixth/ J~lf ~a: the sixth day,· ~a: L~ r the f he' , , " , .

V a) to go away, depart, wit/ul;raw; ...... ,.. L~ he departed from him and went on his way; i(" fear left them. b) den om. from }-;ol, to stay on the way, stop on a journey. :;:>. ;(. m. ;(' a weary traveller; metaph. tranS1·ent. b) =}-;ol a way. -' . m~;r pI. ~~;l f. x bushels alld a quart. r. , ... I \.... H b ~"''''6''' ,,- or ,"," •••• 0" a e rew corruption ofthe Persian name Ardishir, Artaxerxes. ,... L f. I~jt pI. m. , '"'~' ' h eretlca, . l ~" QlpfT£ICOr, an heret'w. wil root-meaning found in Arabic, conj.

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