2007 Asme Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code Viii Division 1 by ASME


This department of part VIII offers standards appropriate to the layout, fabrication, inspection, trying out, and certification of strain vessels working at both inner or exterior pressures exceeding 15 psig. Such strain vessels can be fired or unfired. particular standards practice to numerous sessions of fabric utilized in strain vessel building, and in addition to fabrication equipment akin to welding, forging and brazing. It comprises needed and nonmandatory appendices detailing supplementary layout standards, nondestructive exam and inspection attractiveness criteria. ideas concerning using the U, UM and UV Code image stamps also are incorporated

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A. McMaster D. T. Peters M. H. E. J. F. Grubb E. L. Hibner R. C. Sutherlin R. Zawierucha C. R. W. Barnes, Chair R. M. jessee, Vice Chair C. A. Sanna, Secretary W. Borter M. N. Bressler j. R. Cole R. Cornman, Jr. R. P. Deubler B. A. Erler G. M. Foster R. S. Hill III C. L. Hoffmann C. C. Kim ~n""nll''''Il''' R. j. Bosnak E. B. Branch W. D. Doty V. Kostarev D. F. Landers W. C. LaRochelle K. A. Manoly E. A. W. N. McLean D. K. 0. R. B. B. Scott j. D. Stevenson K. R. Wichman Y. H. Choi, Meml>ers (SC III) F.

L,ar! n .... ,-"a" or P does not exceed the 16 shall LININGS t=---- Corrosion resistant or abrasion resistant whether shall not be considn+~a .... ,n-+h of wall as '''''H~or;'/'nl Shells. ,h",ln (2) or 2SEt + (3) When necessary, vessels shall be with stifor other additional means of to . ","~'''+ overstress or distortions under external l03lClulgS listed in UG-22 other than pressure and teI1l1m~rature. A shell that extends around sptlerical vessel shall also reduction in thickness within a shell course or sprlenCaI shell shall be in accordance with UW-9.

Jr. J. C. Steverman, Jr. S. R. Timko D. S. V. Torkildson B. C. E. A. Turhan j. F. Henry, Chair M. Gold, Vice Chair N. ,, F. Abe C. L. Hoffmann D. C. R. A. C. L. Hoffmann, Chair Larkin F. Masuyama R. K. Nanstad M. L. jr. J. M. Tanzosh, E. G. fi .... '~IN'''n D. W. Rahoi B. W. Roberts E. Shapiro R. C. Sutherlin R. W. Swindeman j. M. Tanzosh B. E. Thurgood R. A. Moen, Honorary M. N. Bressler H. D. Bushfield j. Cameron D. A. Canonico A. Chaudouet P. Faliouey D. W. Gandy M. H. Gilkey j. F. Grubb Member D.

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