1500 Structured tests, level 3 by Edward R. Rosset

By Edward R. Rosset

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A) would come b) came c) will come d) come on 2. If you left those bees alone they us. a) didn't sting b) shouldn't sting c) stang d) wouldn't sting 12. If I were you I that girl. a) wouldn't married b) wouldn't marry c) married d) will marry 3. If that man towards me I would scream. a) would come b) comes c) should come d) came 13. I would live in Miami if I rich. a) was b) would be c) were d) will be 4. If I you I wouldn't touch a drink ever again. a) were b) would be c) should be d) had been 5.

There is else to do except to wait. a) nobody b) nothing c) anything d) something 3 12. The papers are not here. They must be else. a) nowhere b) anywhere c) somewhere d) everywhere else ordered steak? a) What b) Who c) Which d) Whom 13 4. ' 14. ' a) Who else b) How else c) What else d) Which else 6. This place is very dirty. Let's go a) somewhere b) anywhere c) nowhere d) everywhere 15 else. 17. I don't want a) nobody c) anything 8. There was else for us to do, so we left. a) nobody b) nothing c) something d) anything 10 else do you want now?

A) is considered b) it's considered c) is considered is d) had considered 4. You a) b) c) d) 13. The job next Friday. a) it's expected to finish b) is expected it will finish c) it's expected to be finished d) is expected to be finished make any efforts. are not supposed to are not supposed that you aren't supposed you will mustn't supposed to 14. The bank robbers in Marbella. a) they are believed to be living b) are believed to be living c) are believed they are living d) they're believed they live 5.

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