10 Wooden Boats You Can Build: For Sail, Motor, Paddle and by Peter H. Spectre

By Peter H. Spectre

The wonderful thing about this booklet is that the development insects have already been labored out of the designs. Plans, step by step directions, fabric lists photogarphs and distinctive diagrams.

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19 With the sides planked and the transom caulked around the edges with a strand of cotton worked in with a putty knife, the hull is pulled off the building form and turned right-side up. Here she is resting on a couple of sawhorses, which bring her to a convenient working height. 20 She is little more than a shell at this point, free of most of her internal structure - an ideal time to smooth her up and prime and paint her interior. This is also a time when she needs help in holding her proper shape: A couple of cross spalls at the sheer act as spreaders to keep her sides the right distance apart.

T ~:.. t ~ ~ 't \ ' ~ ~ .. '" • , ~ ,r, I I I ~"", ;;~ ~ \ . i .... , I .. ' --- ,-,-' -42- I I .. h _ " \ I ,I :® , "~~ , , . • II ®~ ~I1 ,•, II ( I I II . + I II I I 1= ~I® , I~ I . I , I I J I 1 I I I -43- I I I The Bolser Ctlrtoppcr redrawing them to the scale you want, especially if you are looking at 10 feet of snow out your window.... But at the risk of sounding like a promoter, I'd recommend ordering a set of lY2 inches equals 1 foot builder's plans and being done with it. T might mention that building models this way"":"" cutting up scale plans to produce patterns - wilWork for all of the boats in my Instant Boats series designed by Phil Bolger, and the instructions for the Cartopper apply to them as well.

_- ' ....... "'""""'- Y''9~ - 28 - 15 As each plank of the second layer is fastened in place, additional bedding compound is spread over the muslin to land it in. Fastenings are some-what longer Andlorfast nails than used for the fIrst layer, bored for ahead of time. Note that the muslin has been rough-trinuned, and that tacks are temporarily holding it in position until the second, or outer, layer of bottom planking is completed. Rows of copper clout nails hold the two layers of bottom planking together, the rows placed so that none is more than an inch from either side of any seam.

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