Indian Health Service Hospital Inpatient Safety Technical Assistance

IHS is responsible for designing and leading a patient safety initiative focusing on 12 areas of focus: (1) adverse drug events; (2) catheter associated urinary tract infections; (3) central line associated blood stream infections; (4) injuries from falls and immobility; (5) obstetrical adverse events; (6) pressure ulcers; (7) surgical site infections; (8) venous thromboembolism; (9) ventilator associated pneumonia; (10) readmissions to hospitals within 30 days of discharge; (11) patient and family engagement; and (12) leadership engagement. IHS has implemented the IHS Hospital Quality Consortium to provide organizational structure for the Partnership for Patients initiative and develop and share quality improvement strategies. The IHS Hospital Consortium is comprised of 28 IHS hospitals in eight States.

The purpose of this project is to provide support and technical assistance to the 28 IHS hospitals participating in the Partnership for Patients initiative in several areas. These include: assessing current data capabilities for establishing a baseline for the 12 focus area measures and reporting on changes in these measures over time; providing assistance to improve data capabilities in targeted areas to ensure accurate and comparable measure reporting across all 28 hospitals; and developing, facilitating, and providing training and learning sessions for the hospitals that will assist them to design and implement quality improvement initiatives to achieve positive improvements in the key quality measures and increases in patient, family, and leadership engagement over time.

Sundance Research Institute, under a subcontract from Econometrica, Inc., is providing technical assistance and training on patient safety measures, reporting, and quality improvement strategies through hospital-specific assessments, site visits, and training events that are targeted to the individual hospital’s identified needs and improvement goals and through learning sessions and trainings that are provided through webinars, meetings, and other learning collaborative events.