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Format: Hardcover

Language: English

Pages: 239

Publisher: W W Norton & Co Inc; 1st American ed edition (February 1992)

ISBN: 0393030741

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Captain Coote recalls his 20 years in the Royal Navy, mostly in submarines from 1942 onwards. There were heart-stopping moments when the 500-ton "Untiring", nailed down by accurate depth-charging, nearly became another name on the Submarine war memorial. But she always returned, usually with her Jolly Roger flying. Command of three front-line submarines was followed by an unforgettable tour with USN submarines. He was the first non-American to sail on operations in one of their nuclear boats, "Nautilus". Life ashore was never dull either, as these candid, illustated memoirs reveal. He has also written "Shell Pilots to the English Channel", "The Faber Book of the Sea", and "The Fighting Tenth".

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