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Peercoin a Quick Guide

Richard Thrust

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In this introductory tutorial I aim to teach you everything you need to know to get you up and running with Peercoin – one of the top three crypto-currencies.

You will learn:

• What is Peercoin?

• How do I get a Peercoin wallet?

• How to use the wallet interface to send and receive coins,

• Where can I buy Peercoins?

• How to do proof of stake mining – i.e. get interest on coins held,

• How the command line interface works,

• Some of the problems with the current interface.

By the end of this tutorial I hope I will have convinced you that Peercoin is a worthwhile crypto-currency that you should be buying and holding. Learn the facts now!

Training Course Overview


Chapter 1 - What is Peercoin

Chapter 2 - Where do I get the software

Chapter 3 - A Tour of the Peercoin Interface

3.1 The Overview tab

3.2 Send coins tab

3.3 Receive coins tab

3.4 Transactions tab

3.5 Address Book

3.6 The Export Button

3.7 The File Menu

3.8 The Settings Menu

3.9 The Help menu

3.10 QT command line help

Chapter 4 – Proof of Stake mining

4.1 Create a config file

4.2 Create a minting batch file

4.3 Lets mint some money

Chapter 5 – Command Line Interface to the Daemon

5.1 Help

5.2 Backup wallet

5.3 Check wallet

5.4 getaccount

5.5 getaccountaddress

5.6 getbalance

5.7 getconnectioncount

5.8 getnewaddress

5.9 getreceivedbyaccount

5.10 getreceivedbyaddress

5.11 listaccounts

5.12 Listreceivedbyaccount

5.13 listreceivedbyaddress

5.14 move

5.15 repairwallet

5.16 reservebalance

5.17 sendfrom

5.18 sendmany

5.19 setaccount

5.20 settxfee

5.21 stop

5.23 validateaddress

5.24 verifymessage

5.25 walletlock

5.26 walletpassphrase

5.27 walletpassphrasechange

5.28 Conclusions

Chapter 6 – The Install Directory Structure

6.1 The Daemon Directory

6.2 Source code directories

6.3 Data directories

Chapter 7 – PPCoin-QT Command line options

Chapter 8 – Notes and cautions

8.1 Watch for bugs in Bitcoin

8.2 Bitcoin-QT and Peercoin-QT

8.3 Proof of Stake mining

8.4 The command line interface

8.5 Block chain growth

8.6 Documentation

8.7 The signature functionality.

8.8 The ppcoin-QT command line options.

Chapter 9 – Meta Data

9.1 PPC – USD Price Chart

9.2 Peercoin White paper

9.3 Peercoin’s Wiki Page

9.4 Peercoin’s wiki page

9.5 Peercoin’s rich list

9.6 Peercoin Github FAQ

9.7 Peercoin Block Chain Explorer

9.8 Buying Peercoins

Chapter 10 – Conclusions

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