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Lilian's Story

Kate Grenville

Format: Print Length

Language: English

Pages: 240

Publisher: Allen & Unwin (June 21, 2011)


Format: PDF / Kindle / ePub

Size: 7 MB

Downloadable formats: PDF

'Dazzling fiction of universal appeal' Patrick White

'A work of considerable beauty and power...told with great honesty and virtuosity.' - New York Times Book Review

This is the story of Lilian Singer, born on 'a wild night in the year of Federation' into a stifling household which totally fails to subdue her.

Madness, cruelty and sexuality permeate the household but Lilian's sights are set on education, love and - finally - her own transcendent forms of independence.

Lilian Singer is, or becomes, that rare being: an eccentric true to her own self whose story reaches out to touch and delight the most discerning reader. She radiates energy and vitality through every page of this striking work. Lilian's Story is the most loved and enduring of Kate Grenville's fictional creations.

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