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In Japan, when the deposit money, will contain interest rates. However, God has said repeatedly, "interest rates are unexpected shall be taken.". In the general bank of Japan, it takes the interest rate to the loan. In the Western banks, and deposit the money, take the deposit fee. Instead, to increase the operational profit to invest the money. From the operational profit, minus the deposit fare and then reduced to the interests of the customer. General bank there is also the West, but the number is the less.

General Bank of Western, Rockefeller, is a bank of Rothschild. They covet the interest rate.

 And especially go to Switzerland, there is a lot of investment banks. All of its banks, in a small room, available at only one of the bankers. They are from a customer, received a deposit, and invest it. Conditions of investment, human nature of the employer will be examined.

In Europe and the United States, the social party is frequently carried out, the review of the person is the purpose. Entrained, wife or girlfriend will also be examined. To socialize the party, that the first appearance, called the debut.

If the investment bank is large, industry and development, and improve the circulation of the economy. Concern of abenomics is, in the first place is that the Bank of Japan is not an investment bank.

The Great Depression of 1929, occurred it of as Marx pointed out. The Great Depression (the world Pope), is the economy occur on a global scale Depression (world economic crisis / panic). Spread panic in a country one after another and to other countries, says the event to spread on a global scale as the Great Depression. In Marxist economics, by organic linkage of the capitalist countries of the economy, it says to have a risk of conflict of capitalist economy also spread to the worldwide explosive.

Example the world's first is the panic of 1857 that the Crimean War took place in 1857 by grain prices fell sharply when it was terminated. As occupying an important position in the interwar period, the drilled through, specifically refers to the Great Depression that began in 1929. Even the Great Depression is said. This article covers the Great Depression referred to in the drilled through.

After the First World War, heavy industry investment of which was developed by exports to the 1920s of the American War, expansion of consumption by the veterans, breakthrough of the automobile industry by the start of motorization, the relative of external competitiveness due to the exhaustion of Europe rise, we got an economic boom that is referred to as the "eternal prosperity" by an increase in exports to the region.

Was already surplus was born around the crop in the early 1920s, but the problem because it was directed as exports to Europe did not occur. But excess production by mechanization of agriculture and European reconstruction, a spate of abnormal weather agriculture Depression is generated from. In addition, the purchasing power of countries that are not recovered from the devastation of the First World War is also not keep up, such as by withdrawal from the Soviet Union in the world market due to socialization had become excess of other production in the United States. In addition, railway and coal industrial sector in addition to the agricultural recession also had become sluggish.

In the world economy meeting was held in Geneva in 1927, a number of resolutions on commercial, industrial, agriculture has been discussed and adopted in preparation for the Depression. Tariff reductions in the commercial, industrial nationalization of cost reduction purposes in industry, international agreements of antitrust and production adjustment, in agriculture had been discussed for loans of improvements and funding method. However, the resolution itself was incorrectly being ignored from the national parliament. In March occurred Showa financial panic.

And July 30, 1929, wrote a heavy important, such as the New York Times is direc

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