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Contemporary Logistics In China: An Introduction

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With rapid development of China's economy in the past decades, there arises a great demand for a comprehensive report concerning the state of logistics development in China. Yet to date, only brief, fragmented writings in English exist. “Contemporary Logistics in China: An Introduction” is the first systematic, objective and authoritative publication based on the work of experienced researchers from the Logistics Research Center at Nankai University. This book contains both a panoramic overview of logistics developments in China to afford a broad understanding, as well as specific, in-depth analyses of various logistics sectors, enterprises, policies, and current issues in China. Readers will find this book a valuable reference of relevant and well-founded information on logistics developments in China. Contents: Environment for the Development of Logistics in China; Development Status of China's Logistics Market; The Leap in Infrastructure Development; China's Logistics Development by Region; Logistics for the Chain Retail, Automobile and Petroleum Sectors; Logistics of Significant Events and Topics; Development Prospects of the of Logistics Industry in China.


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