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MOST PEOPLE DON’T GIVE MUCH thought to pipe. If you do take a moment to think about it, you will realize it is everywhere. Pipe is in the floor, behind the walls, under the streets, in the ground, and under the sea. It comes in all sizes, from less than an inch to more than 15 feet in diameter. It can be made of steel, cast iron, clay, copper, plastic, or concrete. It can carry water, oil, natural gas, steam, compressed air, hydraulics, and all kinds of chemicals. It is an essential part of heating, cooling, plumbing, processing, transportation, irrigation, energy generation, and manufacturing everywhere in the world. It is laid out in intricate, interconnecting systems that sometimes span hundreds of miles. Everyone has heard of the Trans Alaska Pipeline Systems (TAPS). It carries oil for more than 800 miles. Yet, there are even larger pipelines elsewhere in the world.
So how does all of this pipe get where it needs to be? Who designs the layouts and systems, and decides what kind of pipe will be used? Who installs it and makes sure it continues to do the job it is intended for. The answer is specialized professionals known as pipefitters.

Pipefitting is one of the specialty jobs in the field of plumbing, but unlike plumbers, pipefitters don’t have to spend their days unclogging drains in people’s houses. They tackle many more challenging assignments. These experts are needed anywhere there are pipe systems. They can be found working outside on wastewater management and farm irrigation systems, or inside factories, skyscrapers, and power plants. They work everywhere from hospitals and golf courses, to breweries and oil refineries. Some even work in the middle of the ocean on oil and gas drilling rigs, or on huge pipeline-laying ships placing pipe way down on the sea floor. Wherever pipes are needed, there are highly skilled pipefitters at work.

Pipefitting is an easy career to get started in. There’s little competition for beginners and you don’t even need a college degree. In fact, you can start your career as a pipefitter straight out of high school. Jobs are plentiful, too, but it does take some specialized skills.

There’s never been a better time to get into this career. Overall, it is a booming industry that demands thousands more workers each year. Some large projects may require more than a thousand workers at a time. For example, one company is planning to spend $4 billion to build the longest ethanol pipeline in the world. Touted as the biggest green energy project ever, it will link cornfields and refineries in the Midwest to fuel buyers on the East Coast. The piping will extend 1,800 miles, crossing seven state lines, and will carry 240,000 barrels of biofuel a day. This project alone is expected to create 80,000 jobs. Pipefitters will be in demand no matter where they go. Pipefitting jobs can’t be out¬sourced or moved offshore, recessions have little effect, there are no seasonal fluctuations, and the work can’t be automated. That means excellent job security.

Because there are not that many people joining the profession, the opportunities for newcomers are wide open. With just a few years of experience, you could be earning a fine income. This is among the highest paid construction jobs, and the demand for skilled workers is greater than the supply. If you have a head for math, enjoy being physically active doing work in a variety of environments, and like to stay in good physical condition, this could be a good fit for you. Read on to learn more about this career and how you can become a pipefitter.

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