Download Business Networks Strategy And Structure Routledge Studies In Business Organizations And Networks

Business Networks: Strategy and Structure (Routledge Studies in Business Organizations and Networks)

Emanuela Todeva

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Language: English

Pages: 288

Publisher: Routledge (September 27, 2006)


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Although social, political, technological and business networks hold our modern world together, we still lack a good understanding of what business networks are, how they work, and the language of network analysis that we may apply to solve common, everyday problems. This book looks at such questions as:

  • How do we make sense of the business networks we participate in and the networks we observe from a distance? 
  • Are business networks distinct from social networks, and if so what distinguishes them? 
  • How can business network analysis from a multidisciplinary perspective enhance strategic management?

Emanuela Todeva deftly explores the patterns of networking and the dynamics of network relationships, to show how we can begin to tap their full potential. Of great interest to students and scholars of business network analysis, this revealing volume will also prove informative for managers wishing to obtain insights into network dynamics and its implications for strategic decision making.

Business Networks expertly provides an interdisciplinary overview. It skilfully engages the reader with a range of economic, sociological, strategic management and communication theories that contribute to our knowledge of networks and networking. Transcending specific disciplines, and synthesizing the contributions that shape the structural, relational and cultural approaches to network analysis, Todeva’s outstanding text offers a wealth of conceptual frameworks and an exhaustive typology of existing business networks.

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